Baby Whisks:  Ages 3 to 4.  One hour.  Children will be introduced to different ingredients and baking tools and taught how to use measuring cups and spoons.  Simple recipes, such as cookies, muffins, scones, brownies and bread rolls, will be taught.   We will start each class with a demonstration on how the recipe is prepared.  Children will then follow and repeat the process.  The children will learn how to get organized and clean up after themselves following each task.  They will also be taught how to mix colors and decorate the baked goods by using kid friendly piping bags.  We emphasize on fun and learning by using different themes throughout, such as using letters of the alphabet, numbers, Chinese characters, and animal figures.

Baby Whisks will learn:

  • To identify ingredients
  • To identify and use baking tools
  • To measure ingredients
  • Basic baking skills
  • To mix colors and decorate
  • To organize their work station and clean up properly

Parent participation is required for Baby Whisks classes.

Little Whisks:  Ages 5 to 7.  1 hour and 15 minutes.  Children will be taught various baking techniques such as mixing, whisking, folding, kneading, rolling, shaping, and smearing.  We will teach children how to handle knives safely, use an electric mixer, measure ingredients with a scale, and so forth.  We will make more complicated items such as cupcakes, layered cakes, tarts, and savory goods.  We will also encourage children to exercise their creativity to decorate the baked goods on their own.

Little Whisks will learn:

  • Different baking techniques
  • Knife safety
  • To use an electric mixer
  • To measure ingredients with a scale
  • Different decorating techniques

Junior Whisks: 

Ages 7 to 10.  1 hour and 30 minutes.  More sophisticated recipes, such as sweet pastry dough, meringue, chocolate work, sauces and glazes, will be taught.  We will also help children improve their basic skills, but also focus on creativity, self-expression, time management, and teamwork.  By the end of the term, our Junior Whisks will be able to follow recipes on their own and work independently.

Junior Whisks will learn:

  • How to follow recipes
  • More advanced techniques
  • Different decorating techniques
  • Time management
  • How to work as a team