Saturday, March 16, 2013

by Kathy Li

Marcus's 3rd Birthday Bash

What a fun morning!  We hosted Marcus’s 3rd birthday at the studio and guess what we made?  Five of Marcus’s little friends came over to bake and decorate car-shaped butter cookies!  Although we think the bit they were most looking forward to was icing and eating them, we had a great time making them.

Everyone loved mixing all the ingredients together—we had flour and sugar flying around the table.  And the kids also worked well as a team to help clean up their workstations.  They took this important task very seriously.  The tabletop was vigorously scrubbed, however, all the crumbs, flour and leftover cookie dough somehow managed to find their way onto the floor.

While the cookies were being baked, we played Pass the Parcel, which was a huge hit because every one got a prize!

When it came to icing their car cookies, the kids had the most fun choosing their favorite colors. Chocolate sprinkles went flying as the kids enthusiastically decorated their trucks, cars and trains, and for the girls, hearts and teddy bears.  And we’re happy to report that the parents also had a blast making a mess and going crazy with the toppings.

All in all it was a great morning and the birthday boy and his friends enjoyed their little selves.