Whisked is a baking studio dedicated to children aged 3 and older.  Our classes are taught in either Putonghua or English.  Each class will feature one recipe and last an hour to an hour and a half depending on the age group and complexity of the recipes.  Parents can opt for one-off classes or sign up for a package of six.

We will set clear objectives on what the children will achieve in each class.  There are many fun aspects involved in baking, but it also helps children with their reading, math, science and communication skills.  Along the way, we aim to encourage creativity and self-expression, help build self-confidence, promote teamwork, and good time management.

We encourage healthy eating habits in our students.  Our recipes are modified so that they are low in sugar and fat.  We will introduce sweeteners such as maple syrup, agave nectar and honey in our dessert recipes, and olive oil in our savory recipes.


For children with special dietary requirements, we also offer gluten-free or egg-free recipes.   

Our studio is also available for hosting birthday parties, special events, and private classes. We have a number of fun party packages, but will also customize an event to your liking.  Please click here for more information.